2010-10-19 Fredrik TolfUpdated changelog. 0.3
2010-10-19 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'sni'
2010-10-19 Fredrik Tolfsni: Documented SNI operation.
2010-10-19 Fredrik TolfLink to relevant RFCs from manpages.
2010-10-19 Fredrik Tolfsni: Added support for reading a whole directory with...
2010-10-19 Fredrik TolfAdded support for reading additional certificates for...
2010-10-10 Fredrik Tolflib: Make valgrind support optional.
2010-10-09 Fredrik Tolfsni: Install a post-client-hello function to check...
2010-10-08 Fredrik TolfEnsure that message are logged to syslog when appropria...
2010-10-07 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Added manpage for htextauth.
2010-10-07 Fredrik Tolfhtextauth: Check credentials against control characters...
2010-10-07 Fredrik Tolfhtextauth: Fixed segfault.
2010-10-07 Fredrik TolfAdded a Basic authentication filter.
2010-10-07 Fredrik Tolflib: Added base64 codec.
2010-10-07 Fredrik Tolfaccesslog: Fixed another typo.
2010-10-07 Fredrik Tolfacceslog: Fixed typo.
2010-10-05 Fredrik Tolfsendfile: Fixed typo.
2010-10-04 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Enforce no more than Content-Length bytes...
2010-10-04 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Add a `Server' header if none previously...
2010-10-04 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Handle HEAD requests properly.
2010-10-04 Fredrik TolfBumped version number.
2010-10-04 Fredrik TolfUpdated ChangeLog for 0.2. 0.2
2010-10-04 Fredrik Tolfaccesslog: Ensure %s logs the fraction of the same...
2010-10-04 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Added a manpage for accesslog.
2010-10-04 Fredrik Tolfsendfile: Allow file forcing and X-Ash-File-less operation.
2010-10-04 Fredrik Tolfsendfile: Added support for partial content a la HTTP...
2010-10-04 Fredrik Tolfaccesslog: Reopen the log file on SIGHUP (to support...
2010-10-03 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Format v4-mapped address as dotted-quad.
2010-10-03 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed typo in dirplex manpage.
2010-10-03 Fredrik Tolfaccesslog: Changed command-line format.
2010-10-03 Fredrik TolfAdded a simple access logger.
2010-09-30 Fredrik Tolfcallcgi: Remember to check for POLLERR and POLLHUP...
2010-09-23 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed a couple of patplex manpage typos.
2010-09-23 Fredrik Tolfcallcgi: Poll for response socket closing and kill...
2010-09-23 Fredrik Tolfbuild: Assert libmagic presence.
2010-09-20 Fredrik TolfIgnore SIGPIPE (non-inheritably) in dirplex, patplex...
2010-09-19 Fredrik TolfBumped version number.
2010-09-19 Fredrik TolfAdded a README and a simple ChangeLog for release. 0.1
2010-09-18 Fredrik TolfAdded manpages for callscgi and htls.
2010-09-17 Fredrik TolfAdded build procedure for manpages and HTML documentation.
2010-09-17 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Added a manpage for userplex.
2010-09-17 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Added a manpage for callcgi.
2010-09-17 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Added a manpage for sendfile.
2010-09-17 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Mentioned patplex's handling of SIGHUP.
2010-09-17 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Added a manpage for patplex.
2010-09-16 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Added a manpage for dirplex.
2010-09-16 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Added some invocation examples to the htparser...
2010-09-16 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Described the headers added by htparser.
2010-09-16 Fredrik TolfAdded an asciidoc page for htparser as well.
2010-09-16 Fredrik TolfChanged the ashd manpage format for consistency with...
2010-09-16 Fredrik TolfAdded an asciidoc document for protocol documentation.
2010-09-14 Fredrik TolfAdded the etc direction to the distribution.
2010-09-13 Fredrik TolfAdded an init script for Debian.
2010-09-13 Fredrik TolfAdded some default configuration files.
2010-09-06 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Pass the server's local IP address.
2010-09-05 Fredrik TolfFixed ashd.wsgidir to make wmain work as intended.
2010-09-05 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Added directory capture mode.
2010-09-05 Fredrik Tolfscgi-wsgi: Fixed typo.
2010-09-05 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Start children in the directory in which they...
2010-09-05 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Merge children with identical names when reloa...
2010-09-05 Fredrik TolfAdded callbacks to handle child process initialization.
2010-09-05 Fredrik Tolfuserplex: Better handling of the name of the required...
2010-09-05 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Moved to its own directory and split off confi...
2010-09-05 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'recurse'
2010-09-05 Fredrik TolfUpdated call{,s}cgi to reflect dirplex point handling...
2010-09-05 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Fixed findfile bug.
2010-09-05 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Replaced serve with a recursive-descent implem...
2010-09-05 Fredrik TolfFixed stdredir to handle querystrings properly.
2010-09-04 Fredrik TolfFixed mtio memory leak.
2010-09-03 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Ignore SIGPIPE.
2010-09-03 Fredrik Tolfcallscgi: Log exec errors.
2010-09-03 Fredrik Tolfcallscgi: Fixed header typo.
2010-09-03 Fredrik Tolfscgi-wsgi: Fixed a couple of typos.
2010-09-03 Fredrik TolfAdded a SCGI-WSGI gateway for Python.
2010-09-03 Fredrik Tolflibht: Fixed headrmheader bug.
2010-09-03 Fredrik Tolfcallscgi: Exit properly on SIGTERM and SIGINT.
2010-09-03 Fredrik Tolfuserplex: Actually open stdout and stderr for writing...
2010-09-03 Fredrik Tolfcallscgi: Fixed a couple of simple bugs.
2010-09-02 Fredrik TolfFixed a couple of callscgi bugs.
2010-09-02 Fredrik TolfAdded an initial version of callscgi for doing requests...
2010-09-02 Fredrik Tolfcallcgi: Added option to change CWD to the script's...
2010-09-01 Fredrik Tolfhtls: Fixed HTML error.
2010-09-01 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Ignore backup files.
2010-08-31 Fredrik Tolflibht: Fixed the trim bug again. :P
2010-08-31 Fredrik Tolflibht: Fixed a bug in trim.
2010-08-31 Fredrik Tolfcallcgi: Fixed PATH_INFO bug.
2010-08-31 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Fixed pidfile-less bug.
2010-08-31 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Added pidfile generation.
2010-08-31 Fredrik Tolfuserplex: Parse command-line arguments properly.
2010-08-31 Fredrik Tolfpatplex: Don't quit from recvreq on EINTR.
2010-08-31 Fredrik TolfAdded a proper SIGHUP handler to patplex.
2010-08-31 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Fixed up handledir a bit.
2010-08-31 Fredrik TolfMade callcgi more Apache-compliant.
2010-08-31 Fredrik TolfAdded an initial implementation of HTTPS.
2010-08-31 Fredrik TolfFixed plaintcp bug.
2010-08-30 Fredrik Tolfhtls: Made directories more obvious.
2010-08-30 Fredrik Tolfhtls: Remember to quote URL characters in filenames.
2010-08-30 Fredrik TolfAdded a simple python program for processing SSI.
2010-08-30 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Made it easier to include configuration "modules".
2010-08-30 Fredrik TolfFixed htls bug.