2012-08-16 Fredrik TolfUpdated ChangeLog. 0.11
2012-08-15 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed formatting error.
2012-08-15 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Added a capture option to ignore captures...
2012-08-08 Fredrik TolfAdded the `httimed' program.
2012-08-08 Fredrik Tolfpython: Fixed log header for scgi-wsgi.
2012-08-08 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added logging initialization to scgi-wsgi.
2012-08-08 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added some SCGI fixes apparently necessary...
2012-07-16 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added more useful logging to wsgidir.
2012-07-16 Fredrik Tolfpython: Handle errors when loading chained modules...
2012-07-16 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added XBitHack-style caching to SSI handler.
2012-07-16 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added HTTP date formatting functions to ashd...
2012-07-14 Fredrik Tolfpython: Configure logging in ashd-wsgi{,3}.
2012-07-14 Fredrik Tolfpython: Rewrote SSI handler as a reusable module, and...
2012-06-19 Fredrik Tolfaccesslog: Fixed quoting sign-extension.
2012-06-05 Fredrik Tolfpsendfile: Don't free contype if it's NULL.
2012-06-04 Fredrik TolfAdded a preliminary version of a psendfile program.
2012-06-04 Fredrik Tolflib: Made simpleerror callable with stdio handles as...
2012-05-21 Fredrik Tolfpython: Fixed some docstring typos.
2012-05-20 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added a WSGI validation mode to ashd.wsgidir.
2012-05-20 Fredrik Tolfexamples: Added an example for wsgidir usage.
2012-05-13 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed typo.
2012-05-13 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed typo.
2012-05-13 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Typo fixes and other documentation improvements.
2012-05-13 Fredrik Tolfuserplex: Corrected opening of /dev/null.
2012-05-13 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Clarified the persistent handler convention slightly.
2012-05-13 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed typo.
2012-03-20 Fredrik TolfWarn for core dumps in various places.
2012-03-20 Fredrik Tolfcallcgi: Don't mass-close child FDs.
2012-03-08 Fredrik Tolfcallcgi: Properly wait for the handler process to exit.
2012-01-23 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2012-01-23 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Match pathname directives relative to the...
2012-01-23 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Correct config resolution for base directory.
2011-12-22 Fredrik Tolfpython: Use python3 super() correctly.
2011-12-22 Fredrik Tolfpython: Pass client address and port in perf request...
2011-12-21 Fredrik Tolfpython: Fixed exception masking bug in ashd-wsgi.
2011-12-16 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2011-12-16 Fredrik Tolfpython: Support PDM in ashd-wsgi.
2011-12-14 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Use `xset content-type' for the dirplex sendfile...
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed a couple of misses.
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfetc: Use the send handler from dirplex.d in apache...
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfetc: Use xset to pass content-type to sendfile.
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfdirplex, patplex: Added a cosmetical `xset' directive...
2011-12-13 Fredrik TolfBumped version numbers.
2011-12-13 Fredrik TolfUpdated ChangeLog. 0.10 py-0.4
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfpython: Fixed wsgidir caching problem.
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfpython: Include `chain' in __all__ of ashd.wsgidir.
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfpython: Fixed doc typo.
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfpython: Use an X-Ash-Python-Handler added header for...
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfpython: Cleaned up dispatching in wsgidir.
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfpython: Use importlib for python3.
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfpython: Ensure greater concurrency is wsgidir.
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Documented X-Ash-Content-Type for sendfile.
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfsendfile: Use the header X-Ash-Content-Type for file...
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfetc: Added a commented-out section for using FCGI PHP.
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Documented the `set' directives for {pat,dir}plex.
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfdirplex, patplex: Added ability to set arbitrary header...
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfpython: Use with statements in python3 wsgidir.
2011-12-13 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' into python3
2011-12-13 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed typo.
2011-12-10 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed typo.
2011-12-02 Fredrik Tolfpython: Always flush sys.stderr when a reqthread exits.
2011-12-02 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added .wsgi3 as a standard extension for ashd...
2011-12-02 Fredrik Tolfpython: Changed some messages and docstrings to reflect...
2011-12-02 Fredrik Tolfpython: Gave the Python 3 package a distinguishing...
2011-12-02 Fredrik Tolfpython: Moved the Python 3 files to their own directory...
2011-11-30 Fredrik Tolfpython: Updated with the renamed scripts.
2011-11-30 Fredrik Tolfpython: Use python3 explicitly in
2011-11-30 Fredrik Tolfpython: Rename the P3 versions of {ashd,scgi}-wsgi...
2011-11-29 Fredrik Tolfpython: Initial porting of the Python code to Python 3.
2011-11-27 Fredrik Tolfpython: Converted ashd.htlib to Python 3 API.
2011-11-23 Fredrik Tolfpython: Moved PDM out of Ashd.
2011-11-18 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added the beginning of a client library for...
2011-11-18 Fredrik Tolfpython: Made PDM REPL output more easily parsable.
2011-11-17 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added a simple module for daemon management.
2011-11-02 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed typo.
2011-11-02 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Made an actual INSTALL file.
2011-10-31 Fredrik Tolfpython: Changed wsgidir to use standard WSGI handlers...
2011-10-01 Fredrik TolfBumped version number.
2011-10-01 Fredrik TolfUpdated ChangeLog. 0.9
2011-10-01 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2011-09-20 Fredrik Tolflib: Added missing required headers to mtio-select.
2011-09-20 Fredrik Tolflib: Error out on too many FDs in mtio-select.
2011-09-20 Fredrik Tolflib: Fixed epoll error message.
2011-09-05 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2011-09-05 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Improved HTTP/1.0 Keep-Alive behavior.
2011-07-23 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Don't strip all of X-Ash-File.
2011-06-26 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2011-06-26 Fredrik Tolfcall*cgi, python: Try to emulate standard CGI behavior...
2011-06-24 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Clarified dirplex' mapping a bit.
2011-05-17 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed typo.
2011-05-13 Fredrik Tolflib: Moved parseresponse from htparser into lib for...
2011-05-13 Fredrik Tolfaccesslog: Fixed up stdout logging and related FD_CLOEX...
2011-05-01 Fredrik TolfBumped version number.
2011-05-01 Fredrik TolfUpdated changelog. 0.8 py-0.3
2011-05-01 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed up various parts of the documentation a...
2011-05-01 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed markup error.
2011-04-30 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Handle absolute-URI requests.
2011-04-30 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Implemented resource limits for response...
2011-04-30 Fredrik TolfImposed some limits on request parts.