The LIRC Client Daemon connects to the LIRC daemon, parses messages received, and executes C-like scripts from that data. For more information, see the README file that comes with the distribution.

The LIRC Client Daemon provides several advantages compared to LIRC's own client control scheme. First, it can do things itself, making itself useful even without other clients. Second, it "synchronizes" all clients, so to speak. Since all clients connect to lirccd and receives commands from it, there is no chance that client processes that were started at different times enter different states. Lirccd also provides a more advanced, hierarchical state system instead of the linear system used in the old config scheme. There are, of course, other advantages as well, but, as they say, life is full of surprises. ;-)

Sample configurations

For an idea of how lirccd works, have a look at the sample configuration files.


These are the current official releases:

Application patches

The following applications currently have patches to support lirccd.

Upcoming features

Providing that I have the time to work on this, you can hopefully expect the following features in the upcoming versions of lirccd.

Help needed

Help is, of course, always welcome, in whatever form it might come. However, the following areas seem to be extra important.

Please contact me

Since this project is not very popular (at least not yet), it would be really nice if you decided to send me a mail if you decide to use it, so that I know how hard I should try to keep this page up-to-date and post new updates of the program.

It would be equally nice of you to mail me if you decide not to use it and for what reason, in order for me to know how to improve it (of course, it would be really nicer if you would implement a missing feature yourself and send me a patch...). In particular, please mail me if you feel that it would make you happy if I documented it. It would be a fairly large project to document lirccd, and I won't do it until the demand for it is large enough.

Also, since there currently is no automated mailing list for this project, if you want to be notified about new releases, just mail me and I'll write you down.

Of course, please mail me any and all opinions about lirccd that you feel like. I might not have the time to answer all mails, but I will almost certainly look at all and assess all suggestions for inclusion.

My email address can be found at the bottom of the page.

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