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Dolda Webmail (or d-mail for short) is Yet Another PHP Webmail. Like many other PHP webmail implementations, it connects to an IMAP server for mailbox access. Despite the similar base idea, the author believes it has advantages compared to similar projects:

Apart from that, Dolda Webmail also supports the following features.


Dolda Webmail has a project page at SourceForge.

The latest release version is 0.10. The bleeding edge code is always available through the CVS repository on SourceForge.

It's not very relevant, but there is also a summary page on Freshmeat.


Well, to be brief, if you were to offer me, for example, an alternative set of style sheets for Dolda Webmail, I wouldn't decline the offer, and you will be given due credit. ;-)

Third party patches

Matthew Williams has written a couple of patches for d-mail, which I didn't want to include in the main branch since they use JavaScript. I link to them here for those who want to use them. These are for version 0.9, but if you try them, you will probably find out whether they work for other versions.


Operating System

Dolda Webmail uses a helper program written in C to keep the persistent connection to the IMAP server. This program is only written to support POSIX systems for now. It is a simple program, however, so it should be an easy task to port it to other operating systems.

As for POSIX systems, there's no apparent reason that is should not work on any compliant operating system. As of this far, it has been tested and verified to work with GNU/Linux (with glibc 2.3, kernels 2.4 and 2.6), FreeBSD and NetBSD. It has also been reported to work on Solaris 9, but only with manual linking. I will try and fix this in the future.


I have only received reports of working installations of Dolda Webmail from people running PHP 4.2.2 or later. I have received one report of Dolda Webmail not working on PHP 4.1.1, but I do not yet know if it is because of the PHP version that it did not work. One thing is for sure, though - it will only work on at least PHP 4. Your PHP build will also need to have the iconv module available.

Dolda Webmail currently does not work very nicely in PHP safe mode. The only modifications necessary should be to place the imapchannel program and sendmail in the exec_dir, but understandably, not many people want to place sendmail there. With only imapchannel in the exec_dir, Dolda Webmail will still be able to allow users to read mail, but not to send any. I will be looking into this and try to cast some spells on it before the next release.

Please note that all released versions of Dolda Webmail before 0.5 require that you turn short_open_tag off in your php.ini, however. This is because of the <?xml ?> tag required by XHTML. If you cannot turn short_open_tag off, download this patched version of and replace include/ with it. This issue has been fixed once and for all in release version 0.5, so a better option than downloading the fix just might be to simply upgrade.

IMAP Server

Dolda Webmail has been tested with the following IMAP servers:

UW IMAP 2002e, 2004cNo errors this far
Dovecot 1.0-alpha5No errors this far
dbmail UnknownNo errors this far
Courier IMAP UnknownNo errors this far
Cyrus IMAP IMAP4 v2.1.14, IMAP4r1 v1.6.22No errors this far

Web Browser

The default (and, as of this writing, only) set of stylesheets Dolda Webmail uses CSS 2 extensively, and therefore requires a browser compatible with CSS 2 in order to be viewed at its best. While most browsers are CSS2-compliant, among them being Mozilla (and all Mozilla's relatives like Firefox, Camino, Epiphany, etc.), Konqueror and Safari, there is one major player on the browser market that is not, namely Microsoft® Internet Explorer. Since MSIE is CSS1-compliant, Dolda Webmail is still functional within it, but it may look a bit strange at some places.

Dolda Webmail also focuses on working fairly well on TTY browsers, such as lynx and links. Although they tend not to support CSS at all, the XHTML that Dolda Webmail outputs is general enough to look reasonable in most TTY browsers. A few screenshots of using Dolda Webmail in Lynx follow. If you are already using Lynx (or any other TTY browser) to access this page, see the Demo pages below instead.

Native Language Support

The entire user interface of Dolda Webmail is translatable via a gettext-like scheme. All user-visible strings can be translated. Languages can be chosen on a per-session basis, so that each user can see precisely the language he/she prefers. At this point, translations exist for the following languages:

New translations and translation updates are always appreciated and accepted. See the l10n-guide file that comes with Dolda Webmail for instructions on creating and submitting a new or updated translation.


I have provided some static page snapshots for your viewing pleasure. Note that the links in the pages don't work (naturally). The demo is at this time based on release 0.10.

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