2011-03-09 Fredrik TolfUpdated changelog. 0.7 py-0.1
2011-03-09 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' into sslres
2011-03-09 Fredrik Tolflib: Added some more missing headers.
2011-03-09 Fredrik Tolflib: Added some missing headers to mtio-epoll.
2011-03-09 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2011-03-08 Fredrik TolfTry to use FD_CLOEXEC instead of mass-closing everywhere.
2011-03-08 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2011-03-08 Fredrik Tolflib: Split epoll and select loops into separate files.
2011-03-06 Fredrik Tolfexamples: Added some commentary.
2011-03-05 Fredrik TolfFixed argument parsing in errlogger and multifscgi.
2011-03-04 Fredrik Tolfpython: Made htp properly buildable from installed...
2011-03-04 Fredrik Tolflib: Fixed header usability out of tree.
2011-03-03 Fredrik TolfRemoved my personal core-dump enabling from the default...
2011-03-02 Fredrik TolfInstall the library and its headers.
2011-03-02 Fredrik Tolfexamples: Corrected some typos.
2011-03-02 Fredrik TolfDistribute the example files.
2011-03-02 Fredrik TolfAdded some simple configuration examples.
2011-03-02 Fredrik TolfAdded text/plain sending to the default dirplex config.
2011-03-02 Fredrik Tolfpython: Clarified recvreq documentation.
2011-03-02 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added some actual documentation(!).
2011-02-27 Fredrik Tolfcall[fs]cgi: Fixed bug-fix bug.
2011-02-27 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Implemented an in-memory database for TLS...
2011-02-27 Fredrik Tolflib: Imported B-tree functions.
2011-02-26 Fredrik Tolfcall[fs]cgi: Plugged a bit of memory leakage.
2011-02-26 Fredrik TolfRemoved debugsink.
2011-02-26 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Fixed SSL memory leak.
2011-02-26 Fredrik Tolfaccesslog: Mention -P mode in usage message.
2011-02-26 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed accesslog synopsis breakage.
2011-02-15 Fredrik TolfSimplified the default init script.
2011-02-15 Fredrik TolfAdded a sample script for logfile rotation.
2011-02-15 Fredrik TolfBumped version number.
2011-02-15 Fredrik Tolfaccesslog: Added logfile locking. 0.6
2011-02-15 Fredrik Tolfaccesslog: Added PID file option.
2011-02-11 Fredrik TolfUpdated ChangeLog.
2011-02-11 Fredrik Tolferrlogger: Ignore SIGCHLD.
2011-02-11 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Added manpage for errlogger.
2011-02-11 Fredrik TolfAdded a program for redirecting stderr to syslog.
2011-02-02 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Try to generate dhparams as late as possible.
2011-01-29 Fredrik TolfUpdated ChangeLog.
2011-01-29 Fredrik Tolflib: Fixed epoll loop timeout bug.
2011-01-28 Fredrik Tolflib: Clear the epoll event descriptor before use.
2011-01-28 Fredrik Tolflib: Added support for epoll.
2011-01-28 Fredrik Tolfpython: Fixed a url quoting bug in ashd-wsgi.
2011-01-28 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Made the 404 response indirectible and reusable.
2011-01-28 Fredrik Tolflib: Added more indirection for child handling.
2011-01-15 Fredrik TolfComply better with the CGI specification by unquoting...
2011-01-15 Fredrik TolfBumped version number.
2011-01-15 Fredrik TolfCorrected htredir headers.
2011-01-15 Fredrik TolfUpdated ChangeLog. 0.5
2011-01-15 Fredrik TolfBumped version number.
2011-01-15 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2011-01-15 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added a simple htredir script.
2011-01-15 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed typo.
2011-01-15 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Added directory-locality to matches.
2011-01-15 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Fixed dotfile-checking typo.
2011-01-03 Fredrik Tolflib: Fixed obvious memory leak in simpleerror.
2011-01-03 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Plugged a memory leak.
2010-11-01 Fredrik Tolfdirplex, patplex: Really wait for children.
2010-11-01 Fredrik Tolfcall[fs]cgi: Ensure exit handlers are not called in...
2010-10-30 Fredrik Tolfcallfcgi: Fixed free() typo. 0.4
2010-10-30 Fredrik TolfUpdated changelog.
2010-10-30 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Added manpage for multifscgi.
2010-10-30 Fredrik Tolfmultifscgi: Print error message when running a child...
2010-10-30 Fredrik TolfAdded a simple program to manage multiple [FS]CGI insta...
2010-10-30 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Added manpage for callfcgi.
2010-10-30 Fredrik Tolfcall*cgi: Added the REMOTE_USER CGI variable, as a...
2010-10-30 Fredrik TolfAdded a callfcgi program, probably a bit buggy.
2010-10-26 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added a util module and moved serveloop thence.
2010-10-23 Fredrik Tolfpython: Absolutify WSGI SCRIPT_FILENAME path.
2010-10-23 Fredrik Tolflib: Check for ECONNRESET as well to detect crashed...
2010-10-23 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added support to ashd.wsgidir for adding additi...
2010-10-23 Fredrik Tolfpython: Changed wmain calling convention.
2010-10-23 Fredrik Tolfpython: Fixed QUERY_STRING bug in ashd-wsgi.
2010-10-23 Fredrik Tolfpython: Fixed WSGI wrapper to handle empty responses.
2010-10-22 Fredrik Tolfpython: Removed debug message in
2010-10-22 Fredrik Tolfcallscgi: Fixed remnants of old name.
2010-10-21 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added an alternative WSGI server that speaks...
2010-10-21 Fredrik Tolfpython: Release Python's interpreter lock in {send...
2010-10-21 Fredrik TolfAdded a Python extension to send/receive file descripto...
2010-10-19 Fredrik TolfBumped version number.
2010-10-19 Fredrik TolfUpdated changelog. 0.3
2010-10-19 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'sni'
2010-10-19 Fredrik Tolfsni: Documented SNI operation.
2010-10-19 Fredrik TolfLink to relevant RFCs from manpages.
2010-10-19 Fredrik Tolfsni: Added support for reading a whole directory with...
2010-10-19 Fredrik TolfAdded support for reading additional certificates for...
2010-10-10 Fredrik Tolflib: Make valgrind support optional.
2010-10-09 Fredrik Tolfsni: Install a post-client-hello function to check...
2010-10-08 Fredrik TolfEnsure that message are logged to syslog when appropria...
2010-10-07 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Added manpage for htextauth.
2010-10-07 Fredrik Tolfhtextauth: Check credentials against control characters...
2010-10-07 Fredrik Tolfhtextauth: Fixed segfault.
2010-10-07 Fredrik TolfAdded a Basic authentication filter.
2010-10-07 Fredrik Tolflib: Added base64 codec.
2010-10-07 Fredrik Tolfaccesslog: Fixed another typo.
2010-10-07 Fredrik Tolfacceslog: Fixed typo.
2010-10-05 Fredrik Tolfsendfile: Fixed typo.
2010-10-04 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Enforce no more than Content-Length bytes...
2010-10-04 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Add a `Server' header if none previously...
2010-10-04 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Handle HEAD requests properly.