2013-05-08 Fredrik TolfUpdated changelog. 0.12
2013-03-23 Fredrik Tolfpatplex: Added URL unquoting functionality.
2013-03-23 Fredrik Tolflib: Add $HOME/.ashd/etc to the directories to search...
2013-03-23 Fredrik Tolfpatplex: Search for the configuration file if it contai...
2013-03-23 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed patplex configuration filename discrepancy.
2013-03-03 Fredrik TolfDocument and install psendfile.
2013-02-03 Fredrik TolfMerge branches 'block' and 'py-reserve'
2013-02-03 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2013-02-03 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Make plexwatch shut up a bit.
2013-02-03 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Shut down root handler socket instead of...
2013-01-21 Fredrik Tolfexamples: setsid is now built into htparser.
2013-01-21 Fredrik Tolfpython: Updated documentation.
2013-01-19 Fredrik Tolfpython: Properly abort when over request limit.
2013-01-18 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added PDM support in scgi-wsgi{,3}.
2013-01-18 Fredrik Tolfpython: Make scgi-wsgi{,3} use ashd.serve.
2013-01-17 Fredrik Tolfpython: Removed lingering thread name.
2013-01-17 Fredrik Tolfpython: Converted ashd-wsgi3 as well to use ashd.serve.
2013-01-17 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added a Python3 version of ashd.serve.
2013-01-16 Fredrik Tolfpython: Use ashd.serve for ashd-wsgi.
2013-01-16 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added a module with abstracted tools for both...
2013-01-15 Fredrik Tolfuserplex: Use nonblocking forwarding behavior as in...
2013-01-15 Fredrik Tolflib: Preserve error properly across flog.
2013-01-15 Fredrik Tolflib: Don't close children on mere EAGAINs, but fail...
2013-01-15 Fredrik Tolflib: Use nonblocking-behavior forwarding explicitly...
2013-01-15 Fredrik Tolflib: Change the default behavior of send{fd,req} to...
2013-01-15 Fredrik Tolflib: Added variants of sendfd and sendreq that take...
2012-12-29 Fredrik Tolfuserplex: Fixed missing-404 bug, finally.
2012-12-28 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Establish HTTP version convention.
2012-12-28 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Mention request-body chunking in ashd(7).
2012-12-28 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Refined htparser shutdown description.
2012-12-28 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2012-12-28 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Describe htparser shutdown behavior.
2012-12-28 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Improved shutdown behavior further.
2012-12-28 Fredrik Tolflib: Added the bufdel macro.
2012-12-28 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: More well-defined shutdown behavior.
2012-12-28 Fredrik Tolflib: Gave ioloop the ability to exit
2012-12-27 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2012-12-27 Fredrik Tolfcall*cgi, python: Added symmetrical {SERVER,REMOTE...
2012-12-27 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Fixed SSL listening bug.
2012-12-27 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2012-12-27 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Put root handler in a new session regardless...
2012-12-26 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Be more tolerant to broken clients.
2012-12-19 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Support chunked request-bodies.
2012-09-01 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added a simple function for doing directory...
2012-08-30 Fredrik Tolfpython: Fixed typo.
2012-08-28 Fredrik Tolfpython: Remove HTTP_CONTENT_{TYPE,LENGTH} from WSGI...
2012-08-19 Fredrik Tolfhtparser: Made HTTP version recognition case-independent.
2012-08-16 Fredrik Tolfpython: Improved error handling and logging in ashd...
2012-08-16 Fredrik TolfBumped version number.
2012-08-16 Fredrik TolfUpdated ChangeLog. 0.11
2012-08-15 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed formatting error.
2012-08-15 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Added a capture option to ignore captures...
2012-08-08 Fredrik TolfAdded the `httimed' program.
2012-08-08 Fredrik Tolfpython: Fixed log header for scgi-wsgi.
2012-08-08 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added logging initialization to scgi-wsgi.
2012-08-08 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added some SCGI fixes apparently necessary...
2012-07-16 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added more useful logging to wsgidir.
2012-07-16 Fredrik Tolfpython: Handle errors when loading chained modules...
2012-07-16 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added XBitHack-style caching to SSI handler.
2012-07-16 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added HTTP date formatting functions to ashd...
2012-07-14 Fredrik Tolfpython: Configure logging in ashd-wsgi{,3}.
2012-07-14 Fredrik Tolfpython: Rewrote SSI handler as a reusable module, and...
2012-06-19 Fredrik Tolfaccesslog: Fixed quoting sign-extension.
2012-06-05 Fredrik Tolfpsendfile: Don't free contype if it's NULL.
2012-06-04 Fredrik TolfAdded a preliminary version of a psendfile program.
2012-06-04 Fredrik Tolflib: Made simpleerror callable with stdio handles as...
2012-05-21 Fredrik Tolfpython: Fixed some docstring typos.
2012-05-20 Fredrik Tolfpython: Added a WSGI validation mode to ashd.wsgidir.
2012-05-20 Fredrik Tolfexamples: Added an example for wsgidir usage.
2012-05-13 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed typo.
2012-05-13 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed typo.
2012-05-13 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Typo fixes and other documentation improvements.
2012-05-13 Fredrik Tolfuserplex: Corrected opening of /dev/null.
2012-05-13 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Clarified the persistent handler convention slightly.
2012-05-13 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed typo.
2012-03-20 Fredrik TolfWarn for core dumps in various places.
2012-03-20 Fredrik Tolfcallcgi: Don't mass-close child FDs.
2012-03-08 Fredrik Tolfcallcgi: Properly wait for the handler process to exit.
2012-01-23 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2012-01-23 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Match pathname directives relative to the...
2012-01-23 Fredrik Tolfdirplex: Correct config resolution for base directory.
2011-12-22 Fredrik Tolfpython: Use python3 super() correctly.
2011-12-22 Fredrik Tolfpython: Pass client address and port in perf request...
2011-12-21 Fredrik Tolfpython: Fixed exception masking bug in ashd-wsgi.
2011-12-16 Fredrik TolfMerge branch 'master' of
2011-12-16 Fredrik Tolfpython: Support PDM in ashd-wsgi.
2011-12-14 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Use `xset content-type' for the dirplex sendfile...
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfdoc: Fixed a couple of misses.
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfetc: Use the send handler from dirplex.d in apache...
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfetc: Use xset to pass content-type to sendfile.
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfdirplex, patplex: Added a cosmetical `xset' directive...
2011-12-13 Fredrik TolfBumped version numbers.
2011-12-13 Fredrik TolfUpdated ChangeLog. 0.10 py-0.4
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfpython: Fixed wsgidir caching problem.
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfpython: Include `chain' in __all__ of ashd.wsgidir.
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfpython: Fixed doc typo.
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfpython: Use an X-Ash-Python-Handler added header for...
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfpython: Cleaned up dispatching in wsgidir.
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfpython: Use importlib for python3.
2011-12-13 Fredrik Tolfpython: Ensure greater concurrency is wsgidir.